Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Tips for Entrepreneurs

Based in Florida, Richard Cantner brings decades of operations and engineering experience to his role as a certified business consultant. Specializing in marketing, finance, and hiring strategies for entrepreneurs, Richard Cantner draws on his extensive experience starting and operating businesses. Some key factors to consider when starting an enterprise include:

1. Sell what people want to buy. People frequently enter into a business selling something they like and expect others to as well, rather than a product or service with a proven track record.

2. Constantly look for ways to reduce costs. Consider furnishing your space with secondhand items and negotiate with vendors (paying upfront can give you some leverage).

3. Focus on marketing. Get the word out. Sales are the lifeblood of a business and marketing is the primary way to get leads. Once you have a customer, the right marketing strategy will also help you retain them.

4. Find a mentor. Look for someone objective and reliable who will hold you accountable. Another set of eyes can be an invaluable resource.